Why Digital Collaboration is important for you today

Enjoy this on-demand webinar presented by SAIBA CEO, Nicolaas van Wyk.

This session will explore the importance of digital collaboration for accounting and finance professionals today!

Presenter Bio

Nicolaas van Wyk

Skilled CEO experienced in the Professional Body and NPO industry with demonstrated success in enhancing organizational reputation, recognition, and member growth. With more than 10 years of making substantial impacts with forward-thinking, resourceful, and adaptable strategies, Nicolaas is successful at understanding markets, key business decisions, and financial operations.

Key characteristics are originality, energy, and a drive to build or design improved organizations that can deliver meaningful impact, by finding solutions and fixing problems. His biggest contribution to a new employer will be as a charismatic individual who will serve as the public image of the organization, showcasing and defending its strengths, backed up by knowledge and understanding of their industry and business model.

Webinar Topic

This webinar will cover:

  • SAIBA’s role in the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Why Digital Collaboration is important
  • Why the Digital Beanie Collaboration