Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

With the emergence of new technologies, there has been an exponential growth of data. As a result, simple analytical tools that were traditionally used to gain business insight are no longer capable of processing these datasets.

This has created a need for more complex and advanced analytical tools and algorithms that unearth meaningful insights, patterns, trends, and predictions from structured and unstructured data.

In other words, transforming data into knowledge that can be leveraged to guide decision making.

Data Science
Data Science provides insights and gives you a deeper understanding of your data. This involves powerful tools such as Machine Learning (ML) which utilises algorithms to train models to perform predictive analysis which anticipates future scenarios and behaviours in unprecedented ways.
Machine Learning
Machine Learning not only performs predictions but can also be leveraged to classify data along with gaining human like intelligence with emerging technologies such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning. Together these tools provide a future-orientated and analytical approach to making informed decisions by answering “what” and “how” events occur.
Accountancy and Finance
In the Accounting and Finance industry, ML and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used for significant gain in risk analytics, customer data management, fraud detection, and algorithmic trading.