Best Practice for Company Record Management with InfoDocs

This on-demand webinar features a demonstration of the InfoDocs Platform followed by a Q&A session outlining how InfoDocs contributes to Digital Transformation for Finance and Accounting Professionals.

Presenter Bio

Joshua Alexandre

Joshua is the CEO and Founder at InfoDocs.

Following high school, Joshua spent a year travelling across Europe working for a company called Inapub, which uses public data on pubs and bars to build mobile apps (amongst many other jobs).

On returning to South Africa, he studied at Stellenbosch University and began work on a student accommodation app called Dogbox. Having failed to launch by the end of the year, they reluctantly ended the project.

At that point, Joshua transferred to the University of Cape Town and began work on an events app and a few mixed reality projects. While many of these projects also failed to launch, it opened the door to a lifelong fascination with spatial computing.

At the end of the year, he wrote the business plan for an app that would help South African business owners automate their company secretarial requirements. Working with his dad, Chris Alexandre, he dropped out to begin work on what would later become known as InfoDocs.

Now, three years later, they have successfully launched InfoDocs, raised the first round of seed funding, and begun the rapid expansion into the South Africa market that will enable  to reach as many business owners as possible.

Webinar Topic

This webinar will cover:

  • An InfoDocs Demo
  • Q&A