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An Overview of the Finance and Accounting Journey
Where are the friction points in a typical finance and accounting company… and how can these be eliminated through digital solutions?
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  • What is Digital Transformation?
    Understanding emerging technologies.

    Embracing Digital Transformation can enable a company to be more efficient, leaner and better equipped to manage change. Machines, however, are not able to replicate leadership, creativity, decision-making and judgement skills.

  • Evolving Digital Skills
    In Accounting and Finance.

    Finance professionals will need to use their competencies to learn how to manage the finance function in the digital world. This will require an in-depth understanding of technologies, algorithms, data and organisational structures that are emerging in the digital age. Three key areas will keep professionals relevant in an ever-evolving technological world.

  • How the Finance Function is Changing
    The shape and structure is changing.

    Mundane and repetitive tasks are being automated, causing accountants to steer away from clerical work. Instead, through stakeholder interaction, accountants can rather influence how the organisation creates and maintains value.

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Where are you on your digital transformation journey?

The proliferation of new and emerging technologies is disrupting traditional business models. It’s vital, as an accounting and finance professional, to embrace new ways of working and catapult your businesses into the digital age.

90% of accountants
identify a cultural lean toward tech adoption.
80% of execs
believe in accountancy competitive advantages.
67% of accounting professionals
prefer cloud accounting.
90% of Accountants
believe cloud accounting and digital business processes will soon be a key differentiator.

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